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Collection: Telecomms GSM/CDMA/IT/Networking Industry

The telecommunication industry is primarily comprised of four sectors: wired, wireless, satellite, and other telecommunication services. SOE-T has the right product for every sector and application by offering a wide range of cable ties and wire management products. Each of the sectors are unique but all still require the routing and use of communication wires/cables for signal and power. Making sure your wiring stays protected and conformed is vital to keeping the network up and running and makes troubleshooting easier to help minimize any downtime.

SOE-T offers cable ties made of standard Nylon 6/6 for most of your everyday applications but also offers specialty material ties designed to hold up where Nylon 6/6 will not or when special ratings are required for installation. Along with our vast inventory of cable ties we also offer wiring ducts, shrink tube, terminals, wire connectors, labeling, etc...

Below you will find some of our top moving products for the telecommunications industry. Doing the job right the first time can save money and prevent slow down networks time in the future. If you have any questions or maybe unsure how which products may work best for you feel free to contact us via email sales@specopseliteties.com

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